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It Starts with 

Local Businesses

Keep It Indie Exists to support and amplify local businesses and the towns that rely on them through a customized marketplace app.

Lowering Transaction Costs

Our technology integrates with their POS, lowers processing fees (in-person & mobile), and unlocks order ahead capabilities

Localized Wallets

Closed looped payments boost transaction value and encourage repeat purchases.

No Credit Card Fees

Businesses never have to pay credit card fees. This includes small and large payments.

Order Ahead and In-Person Payments

With an app infrastructure we make it easy to order and pay conveniently. 


Integrations, Partners & Customers

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Customer Benefits

Benefits for End-Use-Customers

We anchor local communities by providing a common app all customers can use around town. Our app helps people feel part of the community, find new businesses, get special offers, pay for their coffee/ pizza/ new handbag, and receive rewards they can use anywhere in town.

Convenient Order Ahead

Get Special Offers Rewards and Deals

Discover New Local Businesses

Did you know that 87% of people want to support local, if there was a convenient way to do make it happen?

Keep it Indie makes it convenient

Our Strategy

Current Markets

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Chagrin Falls, Ohio

In Chagrin Falls, the custom app is called FallsPay. It was launched in May 2022.


Oxford, Ohio

In Oxford, the custom app is called Oxbux. It was launched in April 2023

Let's Get Started

Please reach below for all businesses, customers, community partners, press and investors 

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