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It Starts with 

Local Businesses

Keep It Indie Exists to support and amplify local businesses and the towns that rely on them through a customized marketplace app.


Make it more convenient for customers to find and support local businesses


Whether it is in your town or other Indie towns, find the charm and diamond wherever you go.

Local Wallet & Ordering Platform

In-person or ordering ahead. It as convenient as the Amazon or Starbucks app to support local businesses.

Deals and Rewards

Find deals from all the local businesses. After every purchase you earn rewards redeemable from any business.

Did you know that 87% of people want to support local, if there was a convenient way to do make it happen?

Keep it Indie makes it convenient

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

We focus on partnering with organizations that have a network of local businesses as existing customers.

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Our Chamber Strategy

See how we partner with Chambers of Commerce as our entry point into a market

Exists to save and support independent businesses, and the towns that rely on them

On average independent businesses fail at a high rate of 20% in first year and nearly 50% within five years. Our technology solution is unique, we don't come into communities, we build build technology that resembles the community from the ground up.

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