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Setting Up Printer and Order Ahead

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

Part 01: Business Account

1. Make sure "Order Ahead" is toggled on in Business app.

Alternative: This can also be accessed via the desktop version.


Part 02: Printer


Printer needs to be setup. This is if a new printer is being installed.

1. Power and Internet connected: Printer will need plugged into power.

2. Download "Star Quick Setup Utility" App: For Star Printers.

3. Setup

How to add paper to the receipt printer



The system allows you to connect receipts printers to your locations. Also, you can enable or disable printing receipts by default. To do that, please follow these steps.

1. Add a printer to the admin panel

  1. Login to the web panel and Navigate to your Venue

  2. Open the Location where you are going to install a printer for receipts

  3. Navigate to the printers tab and Click the ‘Add printer’ button

  4. Type the MAC address of your device there and Pick a custom printer’s name

how to find MAC address of your printer

2. Connect printer in printer settings

1. Copy the Printer URL from the admin panel. This URL is universal for all of your printers.

2. Connect your printer to LAN or WiFi

3. Enable Cloud Print and paste thatURL in the Server URL in printer settings (Step 3).

4. Save printer settings

Full Instructions for different devices:

5. Check that the printer function is on in both the admin (desktop version) and business app.

Desktop Version

Business App Version


Part 03: Device + Sound

This serves the purpose of making sure the sound comes through on the device so that employees are alerted to a new order

A. Phone Settings:

  1. Make sure phone volume is all the way up.

  2. Have phone/device plugged in at all times

  3. Device should be near printer

  4. Make sure silent mode is turned off, that is the toggle on the left or right side.

5. Disable sleep Mode.

B. Speaker (Optional)

  1. Power: Make sure speaker has opportunity to be plugged in 24/7

  2. Pair: Have the speaker paired to the device that the business app is on.

  3. Turn-Off Sleep Setting:

4. Audio Settings: On phone/device: adjust audio settings:


In Summary:

  1. Device, Printer and Optional Speaker must all of power.

  2. Printer needs to be be paired to internet via ethernet cord (provided)

  3. Oxbux device and Speaker need to be paired together

  4. Sleep settings for both the speaker and the device need to be disabled

  5. Volumes turned up.

  6. Make sure stickers are applied to the device with instructions

  7. Test before leaving... and then test a day later

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